Honorable Bro Hank Johnson

Washington (CNN)Rep. Hank Johnson was arrested by Capitol Police on Thursday during a protest on “Senate inaction on voting rights legislation,” according to a video posted on twitter.

Johnson can be seen in the video with his hands restrained behind his back while still participating in a chant with other protesters yelling, “Whose streets? Our streets. Whose House? Our House.” He is one of 10 people whom the Capitol Police arrested for “unlawfully demonstrating” outside the Hart Senate Office Building and charged with crowding, obstructing or incommoding.
“Today, Congressman Hank Johnson was arrested along with a group of black male voting rights activists protesting against Senate inaction on voting rights legislation and filibuster reform,” Johnson’s office said in a statement to CNN.

The protest, the statement said, was also in response to restrictive voting laws across the country “that target students, the elderly and people of color. In the spirit of his dear friend and mentor — the late Congressman John Lewis — Rep. Johnson was getting in ‘good trouble’ fighting for and protecting civil and voting rights for all Americans.”

Two prominent Black activists were also arrested at the Capitol Hill protest. A spokesperson for Color of Change confirmed that Rashad Robinson, the organization’s president, had been arrested, and a spokeswoman for Black Voters Matter confirmed that co-founder Cliff Albright had been arrested as well.

Robinson said in a statement Thursday that “it was worth the risk to use our power to demand voting rights protections for Black people, and all communities, in our country.”