Group Photo - 2019 Omega Psi Phi Day at the Georgia State Capitol

All Brothers should review and become acquainted with the bills we focused on during the 2019 Omega Day at the Capitol. We will address these with our policy makers:

1) Medicaid expansion: HB 37 – A bill to fully expand the Medicaid program. Would extend option of health insurance coverage to 268,400 people of color in Georgia.

2) Tuition Free Technical School: HB 36 – In higher education, only 22 percent and 32 percent of Latino and black adults have an associate’s degree or higher, compared to 44 percent of white adults. And only about 20 percent of black students and 36 percent of Latino students in Georgia’s university system receive the HOPE or Zell Miller Scholarships, compared to 45 percent of white students. Opening the doors of college to more students of color will help the state reach its graduation goals and develop the skilled workforce that will provide the lifeblood for Georgia’s growing economy. HB 36 calls for tuition-free technical school.

3) Eliminate Voter Roll Purges: HB 6 – This bill seeks to eliminate the voter roll purges routinely conducted by the Secretary of State and other things related.

4) Gun Control: HB 20 – This bill seeks to bar people from carrying a gun if they have been accused and found guilty of domestic violence incidents.You can also get ammo mt pleasant mi to ensure safety. Or else, you can also consider reading the High quality saltech ammo review here which will change your mind about buying it. People can have a peek at this website, if they need the best the domestic violence attorneys.